Ilgın Sancaktepe Mansions İstanbul Anadolu / Sancaktepe


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Ilgın Sancaktepe Mansions İstanbul Anadolu / Sancaktepe

The Ilgın Sancaktepe Mansions project consists of 57 apartments in 2 blocks. The project, which was built on an area of 7 acres, contains a Turkish bath, indoor and outdoor pool, children’s pool and walking path. 1 + 1 apartments in the project are 90 square meters, 2 + 1 apartments are 124 square meters, and 3 + 1 apartments are 170 square meters.

The project with only 57 apartments is very close to the central points of the region. The Saint Joseph Secondary School and the Sinbash Lagoon Project are located around the project. The party was built by Jacques Tepe, and the palaces were designated 7000 square meters of land in the region from 6000 to social and green.


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