Kayashehir Anacadde İstanbul Europe / Bashakshehir


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Kayashehir Anacadde İstanbul Europe / Bashakshehir

The largest industrial satellite city of Turkey from the city’s main street, watching their implementation in stores from 42 to 1350 square meters. Located 63 stores as the famous Kaya Onakad just 3 minutes from the Olympic Stadium and the metro station, two minutes from the city and 15 minutes from Ataturk Airport Hospital.

Kaya famous Anaka attracted great attention, 63 street stores were sold and 80% sold in one hour. One of the largest satellite cities in the world, Kaya Shahir, the shops of the largest and busiest main street have become an attraction with huge projects that will be completed in a short time. Two years ago, it is expected that the area where life began and the goal of one million people will be directed to several settlements with the city of Health, which includes eight specialized hospitals, and the new airport that will host 1.5 million passengers annually.


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