Yalı Yeshilkoy İstanbul Europe / Bakırkoy

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  • السعر: Starts from $2,000,000
  • غرف النوم: 3+1 , 5+2
  • نوع المشروع: Apartment, Condo
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Yalı Yeshilkoy İstanbul Europe / Bakırkoy

Built by Depar Teknik Yapı, Yalı Yeshilkoy consists of only 6 apartments, including 2 garden duplexes, 2 roof duplexes and two apartments on the mezzanine floor. In the building, duplex 5 + 2 apartments are designed as 255 square meters and 3 + 1 apartments are designed as 155 square meters. The project attracts attention with its seafront location and the apartments are equipped with first class products. Yalı Yeshilkoy construction works started in August 2013.

The Yali Yeshilkoy project, which was established in Yeshilkoy, one of the oldest districts of Istanbul, will allow 6 families to host the sea and 10 minutes away from the airport. The building, which used to be a mansion of Bezmen family for a period; Equipped with smart home system. Turkey is one of the most exclusive seaside locations monolithic building built in the most beautiful beach of Yeshilkoy, Turkey’s leading architecture and award-winning architectural offices CM has been designed with a boutique approach by Shape Architecture.

Living in the building, which has a parking lot for two cars for each apartment, the whole life with nature is ensured by the private swimming pool, which is placed in a magnificent garden and located almost in the sea. In the project, which used Hungarian flooring solid and laminated parquet, wet floor / corridor and marble material in all common areas, and wallpaper in all the interior walls of the building, the height of the sun and sea view of Yeshilkoy was used in all room floors. In the apartments, exterior blinds were preferred in order not to be deprived of sea view even when the blinds were closed. Equipped with the smart home system of the world’s leading smart home and automation systems practitioner “Berker” brand, you will have the opportunity to control many systems from boiler to lighting, blinds to air conditioners with your mobile phone. Depar Teknik Yapı, which uses the Italian giant Ernesto Meda preferred by world famous stars such as Michael Jordan and Zinadine Zidane in the kitchens, has crowned its kitchens with Miele, one of the leaders in the field of white goods.

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